Freshers are back! Preparing your online store for a new term.

Freshers are back! Preparing your online store for a new term.  important for online retailers

Freshers are back! Preparing your online store for a new term.

As students head back to University and begin a new term it is important for online retailers to prepare themselves and maximise on this opportunity. Research shows delivery and parcelling companies prepare themselves for the first weeks of term as a busy period of shopping just as they do for the pre-Christmas online shopping frenzy. Over 60% of student online shopping in UK is done on big sites such as Amazon, but small retailers can take more of this large market and with the right planning they can compete with big names in ways unique to small retailers.

Hedonistic Shopping Habits

In the UK most students get their tuition loan in three big sums; most oversea students also get money from their parents in a big sum at the start of the year to avoid transaction fees. Mixed with youth energy and enthusiasm this leads to some hedonistic shopping patterns. Think of why all the big red sales signs go up when the students are back in town after the summer. Your online store needs to reflect this.

Big bold displays of trendy products will catch the eye of your consumer. Be sure to include fast delivery options; this is most important when it comes to hedonistic shopping. For example a costumer might really want a dress/shirt for a party on a weekend so if they can’t get it fast from you they will look to your competition. This is where the local independent retailer has the upper hand and can offer click-and-collect in store.

Student Market

Students are social creatures! Immersive and financially active social groups give businesses a great opportunity to increase their market through word of mouth. A great way to capitalise on that is to give referral discounts and offers. I remember from my student days when Uber offered a free ride when you invite a friend, we used this to get to the uni or the club from our house as much as we could. But after a couple free rides we all had the app on our phone and that’s how Uber took over the student market in a lot of small student cities. As a case study we can see how this model could help drive your business through social circles.

Give student deals on products they need making costumers feel special. From furniture and decoration for their new house to clothing you have to think that students have just moved in to their new homes and need a ton of new products to settle in. Capitalise on these products with unique student offers on bundles that will come in handy.