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Start your online business today
Products that sell themselves
with compelling descriptions & photography
Attract new customers
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1-2-1 Phone Tutorials
Get your e-commerce
website started
Products that sell themselves
with compelling descriptions & photography
Attract new customers
Get Google & Social
Media working for you

Course outline

Lesson 1 – Learn how your business, products and customers will benefit from being online

For any small business the main strategy for growth is reaching new customers. The internet presents you with a possible world of new customers and business. You can extend your sales and level the field against larger competitors in a way that used be unimaginable.

We found that 80% of small businesses in the UK don't know how to correctly market themselves on an online platform. Small businesses are hesitant to take a step in the right direction because they are afraid of the costs and technology.

We can teach you how easy and accessible making your online shop could be for you.

Lesson 2 – Learn about product descriptions, photos and SEO

Learn how to write product descriptions that will get to the top of search engine results and allow your products to sell themselves. We teach you best practice and work with examples that are specific to your business. Learn how to use the right product photos and how the combination of descriptions and photos will minimise returns.

Lesson 3 – Manage your stock levels, categories and products

Allow your visitors to explore your website without stress by making it easy to navigate. Sort your products through categories and sub-categories.

We also teach you how to manage your stock levels and products on your online shop.

Lesson 4 – Payment Gateways, postage and packaging

Learn how to set up payment gateways to accept payments online. We can guide you on how to manage and deliver postage and packaging for your products.

Lesson 5 – Social Media

Learn how to take advantage of social media to keep customers in touch with your business.

Engage with your customers through interesting and appealing posts, run promo campaigns and turn your customers interest into money with call-to-actions.

Lesson 6 – Get your existing customers shopping with you more

Successful businesses integrate their offline and online marketing to reach their customers and create loyalty. Learn how to gather key information to stay in touch with your customers with your latest offers. Learn how email and SMS marketing can have an immediate effect on your sales.

Lesson 7 – Get found on Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the term used to describe the process of fine-tuning your website to improve its placement in search results such as Google.

Learn how to appear at the top of the results page above your competition on Google searches, learn how to run ad-word campaigns and promote your business.

Lesson 8 & 9 – Launch your website

We’ll help you finish up your online shop to the best possible standard possible. We will teach you how to build a big following online of your customers and how to involve them in your business throughout the seasons.

Lesson 10 – Create an ongoing plan

Most of your customers are connected to the internet all the time, learn how to market yourself effectively and stay ahead of your customers.


Key Facts

  • We invite our students to attend an hourly screen-share session.
  • Your lesson will be scheduled anytime between 9 AM all the way to 8 PM. This is designed to fit around your work hours so you won’t have to take time off from your business.
  • All you require for the course is a PC or Laptop with an internet connection.
  • The course applies to independent businesses that could benefit from having an online shop and could potentially sell goods/services online.
  • The course is taught using our own Products2Net web-builder engine.
  • Duration is 1 hour per week for 10 weeks.
023 9319 0399

I would like to thank you, I have found your help & support very efficient, Products2Net is very easy to use. I would definitely recommend "Products2net", great value for money!

Paul Coomber
PRC Carpets - Reading

Your online store

  • Learn to upload products with multiple pictures
  • Learn to design and brand your shop with your colours and logo
  • Learn to advertise and promote your website and achieve online success

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Course Features

One to One Classes

Our hourly lessons are taught over the phone and on your computer using screen-sharing software. This means you don’t have to take too much time out from your business and go through your business as usual.
It’s important to note that these lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis so it’ll be as if the tutor is right next to you, giving us the opportunity to personalise the course with your business needs and ideas. This will give you a unique learning opportunity where you can ask questions and get fast answers.

Our Shop Builder

Once you sign up to our course you get access to Product2Net’s very own web-builder, allowing you to build your website bit by bit every week. Hence your website is ready to go live and make you money should you choose to launch your website after the course.

Technical Support

With a team of IT experts, sales experts and marketing gurus always available to talk to you online, we always strive to give full support. Even when you finish the course and your website is live; our team is always happy to answer questions and help you improve your online shop. Once you're part of our family we always strive to help you. We believe in small businesses and take pride in helping them make more money on the internet.

Our Teaching

It never helps when you sign up to an online course about anything computer related and get stuck with a bunch of more confusing concepts and big technical words. But this is not how we teach.

We believe in small businesses and talk to you in terms you can comprehend and understand, helping you to bring your knowledge of sales and marketing from your shop into the online world.


Our course doesn’t require much to sign up! We’ll need you to have access to a desktop or laptop, you can do the lessons from your shop or at home.

All we require is a desire to make money with your online shop! We can help and guide you and you can put the work in to get your shop making money in no time.

Tutor's view

Charlotte Harper
E-commerce Tutor

There is no simple way for business owners who do not have computer knowledge or an IT department to build a successful e-commerce shop; we provide this ability to UK retailers.

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Top Tackle

Wayne Gray


"I have received so many compliments on the website and people saying I must of spent thousands of pounds on it, which with Products2Net you don't need to. I could not recommend Paul and the team highly enough..

McCabe Fine Furnishings

Colm McCabe


I have found the whole process very, very good and would definitely recommend Products2Net to any business wishing to sell their products online or even just have an online presence. From a quick phone call to speak about ideas to the friendly advice on how to improve our branding, we feel Products2Net couldn't have been more helpful.

Mind Games

Colin Wilcock


We have had an e-commerce website for nearly 2 years with another company and never even had any interest - in the short time we have already been with Products 2 Net we have had sales on the website and a number of people come into our shop saying they had been on and loved it

PRC Carpets

Paul Coomber


I would like to thank you, I have found your help & support very efficient, Products2Net is very easy to use. I would definitely recommend "Products2Net", great value for money!

e-commerce training

I received telephone support during every step of building my online shop from adding my first category to deciding upon postage options.

Furniture Shop Owner, Manchester

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MortarboardBenefits & Opportunities

Your own online store

Your own online store

We don’t make a website for you. We save you 100s of pounds on paying web developers by teaching you how to do it yourself.

Your online shop is yours; you choose how to customise it to match your brand and vision. You can add your own products and edit the site as you desire.

Easy Approach

An easier approach

Our approach to e-commerce has always been to make things easier for the shop owners. With our mobile app you can add your products to your online shop at any point!

We can teach you how to link your social media to your site and make your sales easier.

Future of e-commerce

Future of e-commerce

Today more and more people use the internet to find products and businesses. Online shopping is at an all time high and rising as more businesses are successfully selling online.

Don’t get stuck in the past; get on board with us and let us help you grow your business.

e-commerce training course

Products2net have been amazing from start to finish! They were always able to hold the training meetings at a time that was suitable to me, and Paul has always been very clear with his instructions when constructing the site. Whenever I have had a query about the site, Paul was very quick in getting back to me and was very good at suggesting what things to add to the site to increase the amount of people visiting it. I always looked forward to my training calls as there was never too much pressure and I always finished the call feeling like I had learnt a lot.

Lucy Greenhalgh, La Tete et Tout

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e-commerce training

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